Seeing Clearly

Seeing Clearly

My vision has been steadily and slowly deteriorating over the years, hence the need for the updated prescription lenses for nearsightedness that I am wearing in my recent profile picture. As my field of vision shrinks, it feels like a bubble is enclosing me, collapsing on me, isolating me and rendering me irrelevant. It’s like there is a timer in my eyes ticking down to a point when they will no longer be useful; when I will no longer be useful. Planned obsolescence – not an unfitting analogy for the limited lifespan of biological organisms, who must always make way for the next generations.

Vision is governed by the third-eye chakra, where life energy is involved with the intellect and with intuition – the higher functions of the human soul, as it were. Since I am very brain-oriented, as our species tends to be, spending most of my time mentally processing symbols at work or at play, I wonder if I am overworking it. After all, my favorite hobby – board gaming – is heavily intellectual. All this analysis in the mind – and how much of it is really fruitful?

Even in this reflection I am surely overthinking things. I’m probably not overstimulating my ajna chakra to a point where I am so caught up in the whirl of internal thought processes that my portal to the external world is closing down. My eyeballs are simply warping over time, entropy taking its inevitable toll as it does on all things physical. But if I am overintellectualizing or overinternalizing, that would fit with patterns in my past. So I’m hoping a little meditating might help. I need to clear my mind, to open up my soul.

2 thoughts on “Seeing Clearly

  1. According to Eastern Body, Western Mind, you need to meditate a little less and hike/garden/work with your hands a bit more. Chop wood, carry water. The vision thing (I’m tumbling into presbyopia myself) coincides with your foot injury a bit, and makes sense. Focus on grounding so your 6th chakra isnt draining energy from the other nerve bundles. You exist. You belong. You are connected to the physical world.

    1. Thanks, Rebekkah. Presbyopia was indeed my eye doctor’s diagnosis. Instead of chop wood, carry water it will be more like wash dishes, fold laundry. I hardly get outside at all!

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