2021: Current Ages of the Living Generations

2021: Current Ages of the Living Generations

I have a New Year’s Eve tradition of posting the current age ranges of the living generations, strictly using the birth year boundaries defined by Strauss & Howe generational theory, which follow.

  • Greatest: 1901-1924
  • Silent: 1925-1942
  • Boomer: 1943-1960
  • Generation X: 1961-1981
  • Millennial: 1982-2004
  • Homelander: 2005-2021

Note that your birth year strictly defines your generation, but your age does not if you are on the cusp. What I mean is that, if you know someone is 39 years old but it’s the middle of 2021, you can’t be sure if they are a Gen Xer born in 1981 whose birthday is later in the year, or a Millennial born in 1982 whose birthday has already passed. But on December 31st, since everyone has had their 2021 birthday at that point (let’s ignore birth time for the sake of this argument), then age and generation correlate perfectly.

So now that it’s December 31st, 2021, these are the age ranges of the living generations:

Greatest: 97-115*
Silent: 79-96
Boomer: 61-78
Generation X: 40-60
Millennial: 17-39
Homelander: 0-16

*Based on this web site of the oldest living people.

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